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Radio / TV Commercial Voice / Presenter

Make your voice heard using mine!
And help grow your business and reputation!

My business is about making you heard - to raise awareness of you or your business, services or products to help you grow and prosper.

I help make businesses more successful through effective marketing communications: PR media, print, radio and TV advertising; recorded sound - or even showing you how to improve your live presentations - whatever you need to raise your profile and generate business.

I also buy media - researching, planning, scheduling and placing advertising where it will work best for you most cost effectively regardless of the medium.

The news media in which I work and the clients for whom I act are market leaders in this country and abroad.
In New Zealand you'll hear me regularly on radio and occasionally TV.
You'll read my work in various magazines and newspapers - often writing about businesses like yours apart from anything else.
And you'll know the brands I promote through my long established boutique agency "Communiqué."

If you're too small for a "big" or "medium-sized" ad or PR agency; prefer to work with someone smaller and hands on offering full service" we should talk.
If you want to be making news with your product or service - I'm the person to get you out there.
If you want be heard - using your voice or mine - contact me now.

Marketing communications

Advertising and marketing Retail advertising services Business marketing

For marketing material that's effective and achieves real cut-through you should talk with me. Whether your needs are campaigns or simply one off brochures, video or power point presentations, point of sale material, newsletters, websites or more - you'll find what I offer works and is cost effective. My support team of associates are design and production experts, delivering compelling graphic design ranging from corporate imagery to point of sale. Together we know what it takes to get your name out there and keep it there.

So whatever your budget talk with me. The value I deliver will be worth a lot more.

What do you do - and who is your market?

You will know many of the brands I currently and have previously worked with successfully -- in the motor industry, fashion, footwear, sports retailing, home décor, travel and tourism, business services, manufacturing, the rural sector, local body politics and more.
Whatever market and whoever you want to reach, you may be surprised at how much I already know that can help you succeed.
It'll cost you nothing for an initial discussion to see how we can work together.
So contact me now to get the ball rolling.

You deserve to be heard!

For your radio or TV advertising, film sound track or sales presentation!
Click this to hear a demo.

Like what you hear? Then contact me to hear how you could sound.
You can also ask me to write or edit and produce your script.
Using associates I can also manage production of a memorable jingle if that's what you need.
With some 40 years advertising, broadcasting and news media experience I can deliver the advertising strategy and schedules that will work best for you.
Call me now and give me the word.

Getting your word's worth in the news media

Over the years you may have seen my work in magazines such as Metro; and if you have a long memory, maybe in advertising and marketing magazines in New York and London. I also write for trade and industrial magazines - and much more.
You may have heard my Award winning radio documentaries, seen or heard advertising for leading brands, services, political leaders and more.
As a writer and journalist I can evaluate the newsworthiness of what you're doing - and help make it general knowledge.
I can also manage your campaign from concept to production and placement - working with associates known for their graphic skills and other expertise.

Make your team work like a team!

Having grown multi-million dollars businesses from scratch, I know what it takes to build a motivated team. I've done it for myself - building one acquisition from $600k turnover to around $16 million in two years…and turning around other organisations in less time than that. Most of all I've grown business for others. It hasn't been just or even through advertising or PR. Sometimes it's been through team building and training, motivating teams to work together to grow, and marketing using all the tricks of the trade.
I can do it for you too. Let's talk about your business now and where you want to be in the future.

Crisis management, news media & presentation training

How prepared are you to handle a crisis? Could you handle a TV, radio or newspaper interview? How do you structure and present to a group or large audience? Talk with me about training - using me or associated news media colleagues who will help you learn with real life situations. We'll help prepare you before you need to be prepared.

Not for profit and community causes

If your organisation is community based, you may be able to use me as a bouncing board if nothing else. Over the years I contributed time or worked with a number of causes of special interest and still do. Currently on I'm the Board of NZ Classic Car Show…and am Chairman of Literacy North Shore ( I've also been Chair of other well known community organisations.

Contact me now for a free appraisal of your business, marketing & media communications

I need to learn about your business and where you want it to go. The more I know, the more effectively I can deliver what you need. Call me now to discuss the challenges you face. The tougher the better! It costs nothing to talk. It could cost you if you don't.

David Burke-Kennedy

Communiqué Publicity Limited
Business: 64 9 473 8635
Mobile: 021 2732 372

David Burke-Kennedy

David Burke-Kennedy has over 40 years' experience in international marketing and media communications.

He's an award-winning radio and TV broadcaster well known as a network radio news presenter, announcer, and commercial voice.

He’s the ideal choice for mature, friendly, authoritative, and empathetic delivery - for corporate, institutional, finance, tourism, medical, and some retail as well as training and presentation sound tracks.

Voice bookings through Word of Mouth or direct. No booking fee.

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